Barn Removal

Got An Old Wooden Building That Needs Removal?

Pioneer Wood & Stone may be able to help. Our professionals will carefully dismantle your old wooden building, leaving nothing behind but a clean site.

How It Works:

Request A Removal

Send us a barn removal request below to get started. Most of the time, our removal services are free, in exchange for the wood and materials. 

We take supply and demand into consideration when determining if your building can be dismantled for free. However, every barn is unique and may have characteristics that make it of value to us. Please follow the steps below for the most accurate assessment.

Dismantling & Removal

We will carefully dismantle and remove the entire building, excluding silos, the contents of the barn, and the foundation, unless previous arrangements are made.

Each barn is evaluated individually to determine whether enough salvageable material is present for us to be able to offer our free removal services. Once the agreement is made, all the salvageable barn materials attached to the barn become our property. 

Final Cleanup

Our crew will completely clean up the entire site, including picking up nails, metal, and other non-burnable trash. Non-salvageable barn wood and the foundation are typically burned, or if that's not possible, it will be hauled off for a small fee. 

We are proud to offer this free barn service in our mission to keep the crumbling farm buildings of yesteryear preserved for future generations! 

Free Barn Removal - What We're Looking For

Our free barn removal services are considered on a case by case basis. Below are some of our considerations we use to determine if your barn qualifies for our free removal program.

  • Location - We serve throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. The closer to our home base of Attica, Michigan, the better. 
  • Age & Structural Condition - We are looking for older buildings with heavy wooden beams, and wide plank siding, that can still be dismantled safely without falling down.
  • Roof & Siding - We prefer corrugated metal roofing, and wide plank wood siding
  • Roof & Siding - We prefer metal roofing, and wide plank siding
  • Building Access - We need a large enough (larger the better) area to stack materials, and the building needs to be accessible for our machinery. Flat with no obstacles is preferred.
  • Burning Allowed - If burning the trash is not allowed, we may have to leave it, or charge to haul it off.

Submit This Form To Get Started With Our Barn Removal Services!

Unfortunately, not all of the barn removal requests we receive qualify for our free removal services. In that case, we would be glad to bid on the removal and still save you some money, and even save much of the material from going to a landfill.

Please Send Us Your Building Photos After Submitting the Form!

Building photos help us make a decision much quicker. Please email your building photos to

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